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“Give me freedom, and the open road!” If you can sum up the songs of Ami Lyons in one line, it’s definitely this. The English singer-songwriter tells of a journey she has taken from her homeland via Scotland and New Zealand to Würzburg, and of the friendships, love and longing she has discovered along the way. Her compatriot Tom Stennett, with his lively lead guitar and his second vocals, also internationally learned and finely honed, provides for harmony, power and a little blues feeling.

About Us

Ami Lyons

Hi I’m Ami, I’m a British 27 year old living in Germany and I write the songs in the band. I started playing guitar in 2013 when I moved to New Zealand. I have always loved music – my family are all musical and I’ve been brought up listening to all styles of music. I learnt Piano when I was at school (I really wanted to learn drums!!).

My dad was in a Blues Brothers band and I always loved going to his gigs. I could see the enjoyment on peoples’ faces, friends all coming together and people of all ages would dance together. It was just always great fun and thats what I want to be able to replicate when I’m performing.

I’ve found writing songs expresses my emotions and feelings better than I can in normal day to day life. It’s sometimes quite a release, to be able to say what I’m thinking without just blurting out whats going through my mind. I was never very good at formulating sentences – my sister would always beat me in arguments, because she’s so much better with words than I am and so writing songs helps me think about what I actually want to say and construct it in a much better form.

Till now, I have written (what I’d say are) 17 good songs. I’ve recorded 4 of them in the Studio in England as my debut Ep “Freedom” in 2016 and now I’m working with Tom for the second Ep (our first Ep together) which is titled “Back Home”. We’ve played a lot of gigs over the last two years that we’ve known each other and our biggest achievement to date is probably playing at the Umsonst und Draussen festival in Würzburg. It’s the first time we’d played to such a large crowd and it was so much fun – barring a few technical hiccups!

When I’m not working on my music, I work full time as an ambulance driver in Germany. That includes all types of shift patterns, so when I’m not at work, I’m either playing music or chilling with friends or watchin TV! I do enjoy the occasional climb every once in a while when I have spare time.

Tom Stennett

Hi! I’m Tom, I’m from Preston, England, and I play lead guitar and sing in the band. I started strumming along to Oasis and Radiohead songs when I was 15, then gradually picked up blues and latin influences over the years.

After several years playing at acoustic nights in Bristol, I moved to Würzburg, where I bumped into Ami in 2017 at an open mic night. Since then, we’ve been jamming at the Main whilst enjoying a cool beer and from there on the rest is history!!!

This year we’ve been working on the Ep “Back Home” and also on our showmanship. I really enjoy the odd riff now and again and love how the songs have come out during recording.

Dave Lyons

Dave Lyons (AKA Papa Lyons) has been my no.1 influence in Music. He is our Bass player and even though he lives in England, he manages to keep up-to-date with the newest songs and always brings his A-game.

He’s been playing Bass since 1972 (48years) and has played in 8 bands in his lifetime. But now plays exclusively for us.