We were invited to the Bayerischen Rundfunk in München for a recording session with music video. To see the end result, Click Here!!

Beginning of 2023, I got my chance to record a live version of my newest song “Highway 63” in the back of my van with “Folksonwheels”. With hot tea and a hot water bottle, everything was made possible 🙂

In 2022, I was invited to play live at Radio Z in Nürnberg. It was like a cosy living room concert. Here is the Live video and recording from that day.

“Time never wasted”, my newest Single. Written and recorded in the early months of 2022. A memory of all the adventures I’ve had and all the people I have met along the way.

First self-made recording in my basic little home studio. This song hits hard because it’s all about Dementia. I see it day in and day out at work in the ambulance service, which is why I find its such an important problem to talk about. If you suspect someone you know has dementia, don’t be scared to ask for help.

Another one of my Corona lockdown Mashups. 3 Breakup songs that just fit so well together. Still a learning process on the home recording but getting there!

My Mash up of Queen, Eminem and Inner Circle. One of the first songs I recorded alone at home during the first Corona lockdown. Was a learning process, but I reckon it came out alright! 🙂

My First Christmas song! “Next Christmas”. For those, who can’t celebrate Christmas with their family.

Our first recording together in the Home Studio of a friend Dj Cosmin and our first Music video together with the help from Patrick Webb at Lore Video and Photography.

The first music video I’ve ever done. All filmed and edited myself. Working in Home Studio of Dj Cosmin. First of my releases since being in Germany.

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