*What a year!*

Release party *Take a bow*! (and no, I don’t have a beard – damn shadow!!)

Can’t really begin to explain how happy I am at what we’ve achieved this year. Not only in my personal life but in my music career as well. I’ve passed my exams, so that I can now drive the ambulances and attend emergencies in Germany, I’ve released my debut Ep “Back Home” with Tom Stennett and held a greatly received Release Party. And just to top it off, I’ve finished the year with a jolly Christmas music video.

I’d like to firstly thank, everyone who has helped me along the way. Some names I won’t say, but I hope you know who you are 😉

My Family are a massive help and support to me. Although they live in a different country (my fault, not theirs 🙂 ) they still help with ideas to improve my songs, tell me if they’re rubbish or not and come and support me, when ever possible, at gigs.

Even though my sister can’t currently come and visit (since she’s brought my nephew in the world), she still helps me out by sharing my work and getting people to watch my videos and listen to my singles. She even tweeted Robbie Williams and Taylor Swift, just to try and get my music reach a bit larger! Gotta love her!! My mum gives me ideas, and although most of the time I disagree, sometimes they really help and I do love her honesty! And Dad, he’s a massive part of my music, as some of you may already know. He’s my Bass player, my biggest fan and just has so much energy, even when he doesn’t know the names of the songs!! I love being able to surprise them all with new music and just watching as the ideas fit together. So family, keep doing what you’re doing please!! 😀

I’d also like to thank all my fans, everyone who has been to a gig (sometimes more than one gig – I know who you are – Thank you!), everyone who has bought a Cd, added my music to a playlist on Spotify, liked and shared my posts, commented on my videos and anyone who has given us the chance to play gigs. We literally couldn’t do any of this without you.

This year we didn’t play as many big gigs as last year, but I’m hoping that next year will bring more gigs and a couple larger stages our way. We’ve improved how we play, and we are continually working on new ways to impress you. I have a few ideas for some new stuff for next year, and will hopefully be releasing some new music and working on some collaborations, so keep your eyes peeled. I also have no idea, how next year will plan out, band wise, but whatever happens, we’ll make it great and keep it exciting.

So, I hope you’ll keep standing by me and we’ll make it a great year. Let’s see what the new year brings us. I’m definitely excited.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.



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